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La Meridiana Ceramic Courses La Meridiana Ceramic Courses
La Meridiana Ceramic Courses

International School of Ceramics in Tuscany



The seminar is programmed for the 15th and 16th of December 2007 at La Meridiana.

The two invited artists are the American Daphne Corregan (she lives and work in south France)
and the English Peter Beard.
Most of the work will be done on the Saturday and will be completed
within the first hours of Sunday afternoon.
On the Friday antecedent the Seminar there will be a wood firing with
the “Bagnano Express” two chambered noborigama. People are welcome to see the happening.
The kiln will be opened on Sunday afternoon.


Born in Pittsburg, Daphne Corregan has studied at the Beaux Arts in Toulon, Marseilles and in Aix-en-Provence. She lives and work in south France. Divides her time between her studio and the teaching of sculpture and ceramics at the Ecole d’Arts Plastique of Monaco.
“Daphne Corregan takes pleasure in distracting objects away from their original function by distorting and stretching them to impossible dimensions in order to magnify them and make them playful. Ceramist and sculptor, her forms originate on paper. It is these drawings which will determine the technique she will need to create them.
Corregan works more on the representation of the object than on the object itself. She wants to demonstrate that a pot for example, by removing it from its daily context may be just as important as a sculpture or painting. She will flatten it, exaggerate its size or even highlight only one of its details. She uses diverse materials such as clay, metal, glass or bronze. She works in series and in what we might classify into three families: destructured pots; geometric volumes; and sculpture/objects, often anthropomorphic”.
For a better understand of her work please visit the following webpage: http://www.ceramicstoday.com/articles/corregan.htm


Born in England Peter Beard sees himself firstly as a maker but he also finds time for lectures and demonstrations worldwide. He makes thrown and handbuilt individual pieces mainly in stoneware.
The work is vessel and non-vessel based – strong, simple shapes decorated with complex glaze surfaces. Matt and semi matt glazes are built up in layers which create textural surfaces during the firing, using wax as a resist between layers to create pattern. Heavily textured, monochrome sculptural pieces are also produced using sand-blasting.
In the seminar he will discuss and demonstrate a series of masking and resist techniques. Part of the work will be fired overnight for a full understanding of the process:For a better understanding of his work please take a look at: www.peterbeard.co.uk

In the Seminar’s organisation we have considered two buffet lunches, two short intervals with coffee breaks,
one evening at the pizzeria and a final toast with aperitif and conclusions.
Booking is made sending a letter with the filled booking form and a note of 100 euro as a deposit.
The balance is due in cash at the beginning of the Seminar.
Lodging where necessary is in local hotels. The booking has to be made directly by the participants.
List of lodging
For the Seminar we have an agreement with hotel Borgo di Cortefreda (four star)
in Tavarnelle Val di Pesa so that you can stay at the cost of 35 euro per person in a double room.

Other venues are:
Linando tel. 0571 656806 B & B. Doubles, singles and quadruples
Il Castello tel. 0571 668250 Hotel. Single and double rooms.

The cost of the Seminar is of 200 euro
The detailed programme will be handed out at the start of the Seminar.
The start of the Seminar is fixed at 10.00am on Saturday the 15th of December 2007.

For the good running of the Seminar, respect of the participants and in order to avoid distractions visitors will not be allowed.

For more information please email, call or write to:
Phone/Fax +39 377 2709500

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La Meridiana Ceramic Courses La Meridiana Ceramic Courses
La Meridiana Ceramic Courses
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