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La Meridiana Ceramic Courses La Meridiana Ceramic Courses La Meridiana Ceramic Courses La Meridiana Ceramic Courses
La Meridiana Ceramic Courses La Meridiana Ceramic Courses
La Meridiana Ceramic Courses

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PROGRAMME 2017 - 36th year !

January 8th – April 1st 2017
The residential twelve week course for an in depth training on throwing, clay bodies, glazes and firing.
FULL. Applications for the edition of 2018 will open May 1st 2017.

01 Throwing Marathon
One more ton of clay to be centred!
Pietro Maddalena - www.pietro.net
January 2nd – 6th 2017

Throwing. For all

15 Nature Tradition
Making functional and decorative work, using throwing and handbuilding, completing with carving and other decoration techniques.
Adam Field and Heesoo Lee - www.adamfieldpottery.com
April 9th – 22th 2017

Throwing and decoration. Intermediate and advanced
17 Clay, Gnocchi & More
Learn how to make and use flameware. With Italian cuisine!
Franco Rampi www.francorampi.it
Lucia Zucconi
April 24th – May 6th 2017

Throwing, handbuilding, cooking. For all
19 Crystalline glazes on porcelain
The magical effect of crystals, through a process that in nature takes thousands of years.
Luca Tripaldi www.lucatripaldijewelry.com
May 7th – 13th , 2017

Hand building and/or throwing. Non beginners
20 Jewelery in Porcelain
Design, make and assemble sophisticated jewelry in fine porcelain.
Luca Tripaldi www.lucatripaldijewelry.com
May 14th – 21st 2017
Handbuilding. For all
21 Of Clay and Kilns
Making towards Wood and Sodafiring
Ken and Melody Shipley www.shipleypottery.com
May 21st to June 3rd 2017
Wood and Soda firing. Intermediate and advanced.
23 Inspirations from the Italian Renaissance and Beyond
Figurative sculpture with live model
Lisa Reinertson - www.lisareinertson.com
June 4th – 17th 2017

Sculpture. For all
25 Transforming the Symmetrical
Altering Thrown Forms
Lisa Ehrich - www.lisaehrich.com
Rick Hensley www.richardhensleypottery.com
Susan Mollet
June 18th – July 1st 2017

Throwing and handbuilding. Intermediate
26 The Shapes of Clay
Modelling, pinching, coiling, slabs and handbuilding techniques.
Donna Polseno - www.donnapolseno.com
June 22 –July 1st 2017
Sculpture and handbuilding techniques. For all
29 Exploring the Surface
Creating pattern and texture at different stages in the making process.
Peter Beard www.peterbeard.co.uk
July 9th – 15th 2017
Handbuilding and surface decoration. For Beginners and Advanced
30 The infinite vessel
A vital approach to coiling, pinching and surface decoration.
Rachel Woods www.rachelwoodceramics.co.uk
July 16th – 22nd 2017
Handbuilding. For all
31 Stoneware Throwing
A two weeks training on the wheel with an exceptional potter and educator of profound knowledge and humanity.
John Colbeck
July 23rd – August 5th
Throwing. For all
32 Porcelain Throwing
An advanced course about throwing and finishing porcelain vessels.
John Colbeck
Assistant instructor: Franco Rampi www.francorampi.it
August 6th – 19th 2017

Throwing. Non beginners
34 Gesture and Expression
Exploring the elements of character, expression, and spontaneous gesture.
Beth Cavener
August 20 - Sept. 2 2017

Sculpture. Non beginners
35 Sculpture and the Life Model
Lucianne Lassalle www.luciannelassalle.co.uk
September 3rd – 9th 2017

Hand building. For all
36 Obvara and Foil Saggar firing
Firing methods that create memorable marks.
Marcia Selsor - www.marciaselsorstudio.com
September 3rd – 9th 2017

Throwing and firing methods. For all
37 Porcelain: Colour and Light
The extraordinary potentiality of vitreous porcelain
Curtis Benzle - www.benzleporcelain.com
September 10th – 16th 2017

Handbuilding. Beginners/Intermediate
38 Sketching, Making and Meandering
Putting Line, Pattern and Colour on Clay and on Paper.
Jan Edwards - www.clayjan.com
September 17th – 30th 2017

Drawing and decoration. With travel portion. For all
39 Terra Sig and Soft Raku
A modern interpretation of an antique technique
Rosana Antonelli http://rosanantonelli.blogspot.it/
September 24 – 30, 2017

Terra Sig and Raku. For all
40 Advanced Throwing
A review of techniques focussing on good practice and the development of visual awareness.
Pietro Maddalena - www.pietro.net
Assistant instructor: Franco Rampi www.francorampi.it
October 1th – 14th 2017

Throwing. Intermediate and advanced
PICCOLPASSO- Mentored Residency
A mentored ceramics experience, structured around the proposals of participants.
Pietro Maddalena & John Colbeck www.pietro.net
October 22nd - December 15th 2017


La Meridiana Ceramic Courses La Meridiana Ceramic Courses
La Meridiana Ceramic Courses
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