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La Meridiana Ceramic Courses La Meridiana Ceramic Courses
La Meridiana Ceramic Courses
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Instructors 2012

Pietro Maddalena
Richard Phethean
Victor Greenaway
Curtis Benzle
Wally Asselberghs
Sue Morse
Saura Vignoli
Ken Shipey
Leah Leitson
Thomas Welti
Carolyn Genders
Sasha Wardell
Luca Tripaldi
Patty Wouters
John Colbeck
Orietta Mengucci
Rick Hensley
Donna Polseno
Susan Nemeth
Ellen Shankin
Beth Cavener Stichter
Judith Duff


18a Exploring Naked Raku and Ferric Chloride - Advanced
Wally Asselberghs - www.wallyasselberghs.be
Sue Morse - www.suemorse.com
May 1st - 3rd, 2012

Firing techniques. Non Beginners

This workshop is intended as a follow up for those who have attended workshop 18, to further experiment and deepen the understanding of the techniques. It may also be booked by itself, by students who do have previous experiences with Raku and Naked Raku. Emphasis of the workshop is experimentation, so students are encouraged to bring many small pieces or test tiles, to learn by trial and error. There will probably be some "masterpieces" coming out of kilns, but the main objective is to learn how to obtain those results, to be able to repeat the process at your own studio and to gain a full understanding of the many aspects that influence the results.
There will be much discussion and individual attention for each student. Wally will demonstrate and teach two methods that are considered his very personal contribution to the Naked Raku technique and which have drawn attention to his work worldwide: the use of splashed glazes, style "Jackson Pollock", applying very thick glazes by different brushes, but without touching the surface and the use of diluted glazes, as to explore the variety of light and dark grey colours in the wide spectrum between black and white.
After studying and experimenting with Naked Raku and Ferric chloride on the first two days of the workshop, on the third day we will use cross over techniques, with a second firing in Naked Raku on pieces previously fired with Ferric Chloride.

Tuesday May 1st :
Arrival by 9:30 am, start of workshop at 10 am - finish workshop at 7 pm; with lunch break.
(Who comes from afar may arrive the night before)

Wednesday May 2nd:
Workshop 9 am - 6 pm; with lunch break.

Thursday May 3rd :
Workshop 9 am - 6 pm; with lunch break. Departure.
(Possibility to leave in the morning of the next day)

Cost € 460
Includes lodging two nights, breakfast and lunches, tuition and materials.
For the additional nights cost is of € 25 each.

La MeridianaWally Asselberghs received his ceramic training during 12 years of night classes at Art Academy in Antwerpen, Belgium, and attending various private workshops in his own country, France and Holland. After his first initiation in "Naked Raku" in 1995, he decided to fully specialise into this technique, and started organising and teaching his own workshops in Belgium as from 1998.
He has been working in clay for more than 35 years, with an original emphasis on stoneware ash glazes and Western Raku.
Since then, photographs of his work and descriptions of his techniques have been published in many books and articles in the USA and Australia and he has taught workshops worldwide. Whilst his original emphasis was on wheel thrown vases and bowls, more recent work is made by combining coiling techniques and assembling plates, pre-formed in concave plaster moulds.
In his organic objects, he strives to find a visual language in which his favourite forms - animal, human body, rocks, marks left by forces of wind and water- are reduced to their utmost essence and purity. Wally is also the creator and moderator of the "International Naked Raku Forum" on the Internet, started on Yahoo 7 years ago, now joined by 1100 members from 33 countries worldwide, freely sharing and exchanging recipes, photographs, experiences and knowledge about this technique.

Sue Morse has a bachelor’s degree in studio arts for pottery and printmaking from Blackburn College, and an MBA in statistics from Roosevelt University.
She has taught workshops in the United States and Europe. She says of herself: ”When I was a small girl my friends and I would hike down to College Creek and spend hours making mud pots. And not that much has changed since then. Now I make all of my forms on the wheel and then alter the shapes and add appendages, lids or “spouts”. Most of my pieces are enclosed forms and I use non-traditional firing techniques on all of them, mostly Saggar and Naked Raku, sometimes Pit Firing or traditional Raku. My biggest inspiration comes from the organic forms in nature.”

La Meridiana Ceramic Courses La Meridiana Ceramic Courses
La Meridiana Ceramic Courses

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