La Meridiana Ceramic Courses La Meridiana Ceramic Courses La Meridiana Ceramic Courses La Meridiana Ceramic Courses
La Meridiana Ceramic Courses La Meridiana Ceramic Courses
La Meridiana Ceramic Courses
La Meridiana La Meridiana La Meridiana

Instructors 2012

Pietro Maddalena
Richard Phethean
Victor Greenaway
Curtis Benzle
Wally Asselberghs
Sue Morse
Saura Vignoli
Ken Shipey
Leah Leitson
Thomas Welti
Carolyn Genders
Sasha Wardell
Luca Tripaldi
Patty Wouters
John Colbeck
Orietta Mengucci
Rick Hensley
Donna Polseno
Susan Nemeth
Ellen Shankin
Beth Cavener Stichter
Judith Duff


33 Traces and Decoration techniques
Pietro Maddalena - www.pietro.net
Orietta Mengucci - www.oriettamengucci.it
August 12th - 18th, 2012

Handbuilding. For all

This brief course will be focused on the exploration of clay textures, combinations of different clays and materials and the experimentation of slips and glaze effects.
Making in this course will be limited to tiles and slab work. There will be various demonstrations on tile making and handbuilding techniques and the use of tools as a source for inspiration. Much time will be given to the use of different clays, colored slips and a series of glazes in order to explore their potential as artistic expression. Students will be encouraged to intermix the various elements and push the various materials to the extreme. We’ll be using high temperature clays with contaminations of less refractory clays, incorporate other non-clay materials and will fire in  reduction in order to introduce fire as a further element to influence and enrich the final results.

Cost € 860  It includes welcome dinner, lunches, lodging, tuition, materials and firings

La MeridianaPietro Elia Maddalena studied ceramics at the West Surrey College of Art & Design in England. After two more years of work at Dartington Workshop, he returned to Italy where in 1980 he established a studio in Certaldo, near Florence. Pietro is the founder and director of the International School of Ceramics LA MERIDIANA located in Tuscany, Italy. Also instructor and maker he says of himself : “ I am totally and continuously interested in the process of making. I see the craft object as a projection of the human spirit and the culture in which it was nurtured. In elaborating concept, material and process, my ultimate goal is the expression of beauty through sophisticated and sensual forms”.

La MeridianaOrietta Mengucci is born in Rome. She holds a Diploma in Painting from the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome. Subsequently she broadens her knowledge on ceramic techniques through participation in workshops and seminars. In 1990 she opens her studio in Rome, where she is also teaching. Her works are shown nationally and are found in private and public collections. The primary aspect of her work is the research and chromatic study of materials, not addressed to the mere imitation of Nature but rather to the nurturing process that she generates. These information and sensations lead to three dimensional works, monolithic sculptural forms obtained from vitrified clays.


La Meridiana Ceramic Courses La Meridiana Ceramic Courses
La Meridiana Ceramic Courses

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