La Meridiana Ceramic Courses La Meridiana Ceramic Courses La Meridiana Ceramic Courses La Meridiana Ceramic Courses
La Meridiana Ceramic Courses La Meridiana Ceramic Courses
La Meridiana Ceramic Courses
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31 Light and Shadow
Angeliki Papadopoulou
July 27th – August 2nd 2014

Handbuilding, throwing. For all

In this workshop we will study the dialogue between light and shadow and how to introduce light into ceramic objects. We will make objects with a poetic atmosphere;  lamps for indoors or out, for electric light or candle.
Man of all civilizations and in all ages has used clay to make beautiful light sources. A presentation of  historical types of lamps and a comment on the importance of light in nature, art and science will be our reference. Inspiration will come from the magnificent environment of La Meridiana.
Using various handbuilding techniques - coiling, slab building, molds or throwing, we will explore  ways for light to enter the object, illuminating the inside and reflecting onto the outside. We will consider design and function. Each student will work on their own project.
We will study how decoration can be part of the function of a lamp.  Vitreous slips will add the magic of color to the forms we create. Firing will be in oxidation. There will be plenty of information on how to wire the finished lamps for electricity.  

We will enjoy our creations and our new friendships during a magical final evening  that will be illuminated by our creations. The workshop will be taught in Italian with English translation.

Cost: € 960
The workshop fee includes
the following:
- Tuition (class is 6/7  hours per day with 12 hours studio time)
- Materials and firings 
- Lodging in double room; single room on request at extra cost of 140 €
- Welcome dinner and welcome breakfast
- A freshly prepared full Tuscan lunch with wine on all working days

La MeridianaAngeliki Papadoloulou began her studies at the State School of Ceramics in Thessaloniki (Greece), then continued at the 'ISA, Faenza (Italy) and later at the Fachhochschule für Keramik und Porzellan Design, Krefeld (Germany).
In her work she investigates the analogies and similarities that exist in nature, in society, in science, culture and civilization. She studies how ceramics can take new forms in the modern architectural environment. Her interest is in the development of creative thinking and inventiveness. Since 15 years she teaches people of all ages and as a result of her research has been invited to report in several seminars and conferences for various European Institutions.
She constantly participates with her groups in the International dialog inherent the art of ceramics, from the past to today and the future. She has exhibited in galleries and prestigious museums in Greece.

La Meridiana Ceramic Courses La Meridiana Ceramic Courses
La Meridiana Ceramic Courses

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