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La Meridiana Ceramic Courses La Meridiana Ceramic Courses
La Meridiana Ceramic Courses
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36 Obvara and Foil Saggar firing
Firing methods that create memorable marks.
Marcia Selsor www.marciaselsorstudio.com
September 3rd – 9th 2017

Throwing and firing methods. For all

In the five intense days of the course we will be creating and firing forms for two specific Alternative firing methods: Obvara and Foil Saggars.
The pieces will address the unique potential of each process.
Obvara is also known as Baltic raku. It was historically used to seal pots in the middle ages.
Pieces are fired in a raku kiln to 1600 F/ 871 C. They are removed from the hot kiln with tongs, dipped into a fermenting brew of flour, yeast and water, then dipped in water and removed to dry. They will achieve an earthy, textural surface.
Saggar firing was originally developed to protect the pots from the effects of ash-slagging and flame-flashing in wood firings. In contemporary use, with clean-burning gas or electric firings, we use the process to obtain the exactly opposite results: to contain fumes around the pot so that it can pick up the stunning color and smoke effects associated with saggar firing.
These bisqued and burnished pieces will have metallic salts applied to the surface, wrapped up in foil and fired from 1200 F /648 C to 1400 F/740 C. After the pieces are cleaned and dried, they are waxed or sprayed with acrylic. This workshop is suitable for all levels. Marcia Selsor will explain and demonstrate all processes and students will be able to create work with memorable marks. Each of the five days of workshop will be intensely busy with making and/or firing.

Day 1 :  Review the processes: Obvara, and Foil Saggar , throw or handbill forms for the foil firing.
Day 2 : Continue working on pieces for Foil saggar,  make Obvara Brew.
Day 3 : Burnish and load in a bisque. / Make pieces for Obvara including thrown and/or hand building.
Day 4:  Finish Obvara pieces, unload bisque and load Obvara pieces for slow overnight drying. Load a batch of saggar pieces. Clean studio wheels clay, etc. 
Day 5:  Prepare more foil saggars and load into Raku kiln. Fire two or three stacked loads. Take the Obvara pieces individually from the kiln. Finish clean up.     

After the workshop, Marcia Selsor will lead a three-day long ceramic related excursion to Faenza. Details here

The total cost of the course is 980 euros; Single price supplement: 150 Euros.
The workshop fee includes the following
All materials and firings
Lodging in double room; single room on request, add 150 euros
Welcome dinner and welcome breakfast
A freshly prepared Tuscan Lunch with wine on all working days

La MeridianaMarcia Selsor is a full-time ceramic artist, workshop presenter, writer, teacher and alchemist investigating making marks on ceramic surfaces. She has a BFA from the Philadelphia University of the Arts. She had an MFA from Southern Illinois University -Carbondale. Her professional experience spans 50 years and includes 25 years of teaching at Montana State University-Billings where she was awarded the title Professor Emerita by the State Board of Regents. She was awarded two Fulbright Scholars Awards; Spain 1985-86 and Uzbekistan 1994. She was a Visiting Faculty at University of Hawaii-Manoa and University of Texas-Brownsville. She has taught workshops internationally at Centro Agost in Spain;1996-1999; Crema in Seville, Spain 1996; La Meridiana since 2001-2015; AIR Vallauris in France 2012; The Scottish Potters Association 2016. She has had 12 residencies both in the US and abroad including the Archie Bray Foundation in Helena, Montana; AIR Vallauris in Southern France; The Clay Studio in Philadelphia, Pa.; La Meridiana in Tuscany, and at CRETA in Rome, Italy. Her work is included in numerous books and magazines as well as public and private collections in 10 countries on three continents. She has served on the Board of NCECA and the Potters Council. She loves to teach and share her knowledge and experiences of working with other ceramic artists worldwide.


La Meridiana Ceramic Courses La Meridiana Ceramic Courses
La Meridiana Ceramic Courses

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