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La Meridiana Ceramic Courses La Meridiana Ceramic Courses La Meridiana Ceramic Courses La Meridiana Ceramic Courses
La Meridiana Ceramic Courses La Meridiana Ceramic Courses
La Meridiana Ceramic Courses

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2015 PROGRAMME - 34th year !

ON CENTRE January 11 – April 4th 2015
Residential twelve week course for an in depth training on throwing, clay bodies, glazes and firing.

01 Throwing marathon
One more ton of clay to be centered!
Pietro Maddalena -
January 2nd – 6th 2015

Throwing. For all.

16 Vibrant Colours
101 ways to add colour to your pots at Cone 6.
Monica DeCampo -
April 12th – 25th 2015

Intermediate and advanced.
17 Jewelery in Porcelain
Design, make and assemble sophisticated jewelry in fine porcelain.
Luca Tripaldi
April 19th – 25th 2015

Handbuilding. For all.

18 Skin
Surface effects from delicate to richly texturized.
Luca Tripaldi -
April 26th –May 2nd 2015

Surface treatments. Intermediate and advanced.

19 Organic Forms in clay, using Nature as Inspiration
Sculpture with emphasis on the abstract form.
Jinny Hargrave
April 26th – May 9th 2015

Handbuilding. For all.

20 Utility and Embellishment
Throwing, altering and decorating techniques that cover multiple firing ranges and styles.
Lorna Meaden
May 10th – 23rd 2015

Throwing. Intermediate and advanced.
21 A Sculptural Approach to Paper Clay
Rebecca Hutchinson
May 24th - 30th 2015
Paperclay as a sculptural medium
22 Raku and its colours
For a subtle and profound use of colour with the Raku technique.
Ute Grossmann -
May 24th – May. 30th 2015
Handbuilding, decoration. Non beginners.

23 Exploring our narrative voices. Stories, Myth and Magic in clay
Throwing, handbuilding and decoration techniques.
Jan Edwards
May 31st – June 13th 2015

Handbuilding and decoration. Intermediate.

25 Summer Throwing Marathon
Pietro Maddalena -
June 14th – 20th 2015

One more ton of clay waiting to be centered!
26 Potter’s Council Conference
June 14 -   June 27 2015
Italian Inspiration and Italian Techniques
Travel programme.

27 Handbuilding Sculptural Forms From the Wall to the Table
A focus on hand building techniques to create forms that cross back and forth from sculptural to functional objects.
Donna Polseno -
Lisa Ehrich -
June 28th – July 11th 2015

Handbuilding. For all.

28 Study abroad Ceramic Arts in Italy
Specifically designed for Art Teachers . Allows to gain 3 CEU credits. In collaboration with Wilkes University
Takes place at Villa Bacìo.
Frank Mariano & Jean Adams
June 27th – July 11th 2015

Handbuilding. For all.
29 Sculptural Wall Murals
Everything from ideation to installation. Specifically designed for Art teachers.
Brenda Mc Mahon -
July 12th – 22th 2015

Handbuilding. For all.
29A The Ceramic Animal
Andreas Hinder -
July 12th – 18th 2015

Handbuilding. For all.
30 Off the Mat & Into the Studio
Clay & Yoga. A merging of two loves in Tuscany.
Brenda Mc Mahon
July 24 - August 1st 2015

Handbuilding adn Throwing. For all.
31 Raku. Vibrant Colours and Subtle Greys
Pietro Maddalena -
August 2nd – 8th , 2015

Making and firing techniques. Non complete beginners.

32 Stoneware Throwing
A two weeks training with an exceptional potter and educator of profound knowledge and humanity.
John Colbeck
August 9th - 22nd 2015

Throwing. For all.

33 Porcelain Throwing
A five days about throwing porcelain and the nature, composition and variation of porcelain bodies.
John Colbeck
August 23rd – 29th 2015

Throwing. Intermediate and advanced.
34 Large Format Ceramics
Slabs, coils or from solid block - learn to build large scale vessels.
Martin McWilliam - www.martin-mcwilliam
August 23rd – 29th 2015

Handbuilding. For all.

35 Coiling and Colour
The natural relationship between form, surface and colour applied with a versatile mono firing technique.
Carolyn Genders
August 30th – Sept. 5th 2015

Handbuilding. For all.

36 Form & Fire
Woodfiring in the Noribama Kiln.
Carol Ann Michaelson
Sept. 6th – 19th 2015

Throwing. Intermediate and advanced.

37 Extruding New Ideas
An innovative way to make abstract or utilitarian objects in porcelain.
Luca Tripaldi -

Sept 13th – 19th 2015

39 Shape n' Shake in Tuscanye
Ellen Shankin -
September 20 – October 3rd 2015
Throwing. Intermediate and advanced
For information and price please contact:

40 Handbuilding towards Wood Firing
Coiling, pinching and soft slabs.
Ruri -

Oct 4th – 17th 2015
Handbuilding. For all.
41 Over the Rainbow
Functional ware fired with an emphasis on oxidation glaze
Pietro Maddalena -
October 9th  – 19th 2015

Throwing and Glazing. For all

42 Spinning the Wheels
A concentrated session on making work on the wheel.
Tony Clennell
Oct 18th – 31st 2015

Throwing. For all.


La Meridiana Ceramic Courses La Meridiana Ceramic Courses
La Meridiana Ceramic Courses
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